TIME represents sunlight. Time to get in touch with your soul, heal your wounds, and fulfill your unmet love needs. No one will love or respect you if you don’t love or respect yourself. World peace begins within. Self-hatred works its way outward, affecting all of your personal and professional relationships. Hurting people hurt people. In the same way, self-love extends outward. In the TIME section, you will learn skills for proper self-care, and how to encourage the health and healing of your family and community. Healing people heal people.

TOUCH is like water for all relationships. Without water we die. Touch is the most important and the most neglected of our five senses. Because there is great confusion between sex, love, and intimacy, we have been denied the natural benefits of healthy touch in our daily lives. We are born with skin hunger as infants. If those primal needs went unmet in early childhood, if we were misused, abused, or neglected, we may spend the rest of our lives looking for love in unhealthy relationships or behaviors—porn and compulsive masturbation for men, romance novels and erotica for women, and perhaps hooking up with multiple sex partners. We must learn how to give and receive healthy touch on a daily basis with family, friends, faith community, and co-workers. We must reclaim our right to healthy touch in our families and community. In the TOUCH section you will learn powerful skills to bring hope and healing into your life, and the lives of your loved ones and community.

TALK, or good communication, is the Air for all personal and professional relationships, which includes both listening and sharing. You need to learn the art of effectively sharing your thoughts, feelings, and needs. Equally important is to learn the art of listening, which takes twice as much energy as it does to share. Remember, we have two ears and one mouth, so we need to listen twice as much as we speak. In the Talk section you will learn about effective listening and sharing skills, different personality styles, love languages, gender differences, birth order, and cultural backgrounds.

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